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Spring Hikes 2017

Our late winter hikes were very well attended, with lots of new folks becoming familiar with our beautiful Lower Howard’s Creek valley.  Even though the calendar says it’s officially still winter, plant dormancy is breaking early in the valley, and we expect an abundance of spring flowers.

We will be having a couple of special programs this spring, with hikes led by two special guests:  Steven Caudill as Daniel Boone of Kentucky, and Tom Kimmerer and Katherine Shaw from Venerable Trees having a field school.

All hikes are approximately 3 hours long and moderately strenuous.  Please bring snacks and water to fortify your strength.  Dogs are not allowed because it’s a State Nature Preserve, and children should be accompanied by adults.  Please wear sturdy shoes, as the trails are not paved.  Call to reserve a spot on these hikes at (859) 744-4888.  Hikes are limited to 20 people only.

April 1, 10 a.m.   Bill Crankshaw:  This should be the week of blues-Virginia bluebells, early blue phlox, Jacob’s ladder, and dwarf larkspur put on quite a show in the creek valley during the first 2 weeks of April.  

April 8, 10 a.m.  Hike with Daniel Boone:  Clark County native Steven Caudill is a nationally known 18th century reenactor of one our most famous early pioneers, Daniel Boone.  

Steven, in character as
Daniel, will reminisce about people, places and events of pioneer Clark County as we meander through the Lower Howard's Creek valley.  It should be a most interesting event, and we're delighted to be hosting it. 

Daniel Boone Steven Caudill

April 15, 10 a.m.  Clare Sipple:  It’s anyone’s guess what will be blooming this week, but we can guarantee that there should be lots of flowers showing off for our hikers.

April 22,  9.a.m.  Bill Crankshaw: If the weather holds, this will probably be our last comfortable day for hiking and observing the wildflowers.  Heat and humidity get high at this time of year.

Special Event - April 22,  9-1

Tom Kimmerer and Katherine Shaw: What Do Trees Know? April 22 2017, 9am-1pm, Lower Howard's Creek State Nature Preserve.  This Field Course is the first in our series focused on our new understanding of trees and forests.  Based on recent research, we know that trees are highly connected to each other, and to other organisms in their community in complex networks of chemistry and information. Trees know and care for their babies.  Trees fight back against their enemies and nurture their friends. Trees have exquisite knowledge of their environment and constantly adjust their behavior to live an optimal life. Are they intelligent? That is an open question. We will explore the behavior of trees, and their interactions with other organisms to explore this question: What do trees know? In this course, we will get down and dirty, digging up roots, dissecting logs, and experiencing the lives of trees.

The cost is $25 per person, or $10 for full-time students. If you wish to pay by some other method, or you are unable to afford the registration fee, please contact us at: tom@venerabletrees.org. Children accompanied by an adult are welcome, and there is no charge for children under 18. Dogs are not allowed.



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