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There are numerous ways to volunteer at Lower Howard’s Creek

Outlined below are just a few:

  • Join our regular group to work on trail repair and exotic plant eradication. You’ll be working with retired forest ecologist Bill Crankshaw, who knows so much about our plant species and has spent the last 11 years exploring the creek valley; we dare you to try and keep up with Bill, in any way! Most days we take short hikes to parts of the Preserve that other people don’t see. You’ll learn so much about the Preserve during conversations with Bill, our other volunteers, and the preserve manager, while helping with an important part of our management strategy. You’ll also learn where all the trails lead, and how they connect up with the rest of the Preserve.
  • Establish your own work group, perhaps from your workplace, or as a community service project with your youth group, from scouts, church, or school.
  • Select a special project for a scouting badge; we have numerous projects that led to the earning of Eagle Scout status; Girl Scouts have several opportunities for their Gold awards.
  • Several cemeteries are located within the Preserve, and would make excellent projects for genealogy research.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Preserve manager, Clare Sipple, at (859) 744-4888 or email her at claresipp@gmail.com. You will be provided with orientation and training and given the tools you need to do the job.


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